Monday, March 14, 2005

Original poems

Do you have that in you, my dear?
The flavour of love I perceive
A solemn, clean and straight one
In every manner I want it to be

I would not praise you too high
Would not also let you down
False sympathy to go into oblivion
Would bury all derision and frown

Let us not have a caustic talk
But let our hearts speak
Gross blunders, may they be
We shall forget and forgive

Can you love me the way I fancy?
The dream of all dreams
Abyss and zenith might be the limits
My love is beyond extremes.


I dreamt of a divine love
The kind, for sure, no mortal had
T'was concocted in my cranium
After years of relaxed musings

Supreme traits she must possess
For I desired an ideal love
Dares who and meets my criteria
Rejoices a reciprocal adoration

On a fine beautiful evening,
I met the love of my dreams
All the heavenly virtues I'd begged
In her I missed none

Days and months have passed
Some things go right and wrong
I get love without a demand
But offer not a selfless love

The ideal love, in mind remained
My heart is but a natural beast
So much I failed to love back
Am no longer the bard I was


Together with my beloved shine
As moon reflecting from the Sun
The cosmos may view us well
But We never the rest
Brightened by Own light
I know her, she
Knows me, this
Must be

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Life is but a push-pull
Pull pushes and Push pulls
Outer forces naught impose
Trouble within enlivens

Men are glad for time so brief
Blame it not on some grief
Sadness has roots in joy
And joy was once melancholy

A happy soul, under conscious
Longs and devours sadness for
It's the opposite sex !
New personality engulfs old

Outer forces naught impose
Trouble within enlivens
Life is but a push-pull
Pull pushes and push pulls